Study In Canada: How To Find Best Schools And Apply To Study In Canada

Study In Canada: How To Find Best Schools And Apply To Study In Canada.

Thinking of studying in Canada? This is for you.

You will see info on

– Searching for programs in Canada
– Admission requirements
– CV/statement of intent guide
– Finding a research supervisor
– Study options for students with low CGPA
– Possible sources of funding.

To begin, it is important to answer these six (6) questions:

1. What do I want to study & at what level (undergrad or grad)?
2. Which Canadian Uni offers the program?
3. What are the admission requirements?
4. Am I eligible?
5. How will I fund my program?
6. When/How to apply?

1. What Do I Want To Study & At What Level (Undergrad Or Grad)?

Answer the following yourself.

What’s my current level of education?
What do I currently do or plan to professionally do in the future?
What are my interests?
Which program will suit this purpose?

Think about it.

2. Which Canadian Uni Offers The Program?

At this stage, believe me, Google comes in handy. For instance, if a Masters in Economics is what you are considering, use this keyword to search on Google “Masters in Economics program in Canada”

You will get enough info to start with.

3. What Are The Admission Requirements & Costs?

From the info you got on Google, narrow down your choice and check the specific requirements of each university offering the program. Look out for required grade average, tuition, available funding, application fee, deadlines, etc

4. Am I Eligible?

Now that you know the admission requirements, you will already know if/how to proceed. Admission requirements vary by program/university, but generally, if you are applying for an undergraduate program, the main focus will be on your high school results.

4b. How good your high school results should also depend on the program/university

If you are applying from Nigeria, a minimum admission average of at least C4 is what I have mostly seen. This is calculated using 5 subjects.

Confirm what the school you are applying to requires.

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