Is Wilmer Academy A Real School?

Is Wilmer Academy A Real School?

If you’ve watched the Nigerian drama series “Far From Home” on Netflix, you may be wondering if Wilmer Academy, the prestigious school in London where the main character Ishaya Bello attends, is a real school. In this blog post, we’ll explore the truth behind Wilmer Academy and its connection to the series.


The Netflix drama series “Far From Home” was created in Nigeria and premiered on December 16, 2022. Dami Elebe and Tosin Igho, the series’ creator and director, respectively. Mike Afolarin, Funke Akindele, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Bolanle Ninalowo, Genoveva Umeh, Bimbo Akintola, and Linda Osifo are among the excellent actors in the cast.

Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), a young man from a financially struggling family who dreams of a better life, is the subject of the television series. His life drastically changes when he is admitted into London’s famous Wilmer Academy. He soon gets entangled in the risky world of drug trafficking, though, and must find a way out of it.

The series, which is set in Nigeria and the UK, examines themes including ambition, dreams, and the risks associated with Nigeria’s drug trade. The cast gives excellent performances, and the tale is interesting and captivating. The series is a tribute to the Nigerian film industry’s talent and exemplifies Nollywood’s potential to deliver gripping tales that appeal to people throughout the globe.

A Real School

Ishaya Bello is a driven young guy who hopes to provide a better life for his family and himself. He comes from a poor household, and his mother, who is a single parent, works very hard to support him and his siblings. Due of his high academic standing, Ishaya is accepted into London’s elite Wilmer Academy. The chance to study abroad and encounter a different culture excites him.

Ishaya makes new friends at Wilmer Academy and discovers a world of luxury that he has never known. He is attracted by his peers’ money and luxury and longs to share it. He quickly learns, though, that his peers’ way of life has a price. He learns about the world of drug trafficking and is given the chance to make some quick cash.

Ishaya is initially apprehensive about being involved in drug trafficking. Although he is aware of its illegality and danger, he nevertheless finds himself drawn in by the money and way of life it promises. He makes the decision to take a chance and enter the drug business. But things quickly get out of hand, and he ends up being entangled in a dangerous drug cartel.

Ishaya quickly sees that his decision was a grave error. He is over his head and unsure of how to escape the predicament. He worries about both his own safety and the security of his family. Although he tries to escape, he eventually discovers that the drug cartel is too strong and that he is essentially stuck.

The compelling drama series examines the risks associated with drug trafficking as well as the effects of ambition. It serves as a warning story that illustrates the results of bad decisions and involvement in illicit activities. The cast gives terrific performances, and the series is well-written. Ishaya Bello is played masterfully by Mike Afolarin, who gives the role depth and nuance.

Why It’s Important to Set in “Far From Home”

The location of Wilmer Academy plays a crucial role in the plot of “Far From Home.” It stands for Ishaya Bello’s and his family’s hopes and goals. It also serves as a contrast to the hardships and financial difficulties Ishaya encounters in Nigeria. The setting for the show was chosen in order to showcase the contrast between the two worlds that Ishaya lives in and to captivate viewers.

Education’s Function in “Far From Home”

The theme of education is important to the plot of “Far From Home.” Ishaya and his family consider his entrance at Wilmer Academy to be a major accomplishment. It represents a road forward and a path to a better life. The series examines the value of education in ending the cycle of poverty and giving young people the chance to realize their potential.

 Now the main Question – Wilmer Academy: What is it?

The fictional school Wilmer Academy was developed specifically for the “Far From Home” television series. In London or anywhere else on Earth, it is not a true institution of learning. In order to give the plot more credibility and give Ishaya Bello’s character a place to pursue his goals, the series’ creators built the school.

Wilmer Academy

“Far From Home” is a ground-breaking series that highlights the talent of the Nigerian film industry. It is a part of a growing trend of Nollywood films and television shows that are becoming more well-known internationally. Positive reviews for the show have lauded it for its compelling plot and excellent acting. It is evidence of the potency of narrative and the value of utilizing movies to make social commentary.

Although Wilmer Academy is a fictional institution, it is crucial to the plot of “Far From Home.” The show examines the difficulties and chances that young people in Nigeria confront, as well as the value of education in ending the cycle of poverty. It is a gripping drama that displays the skill of the Nigerian film industry and Nollywood’s potential to deliver gripping tales that appeal to audiences around the globe.

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