Teesside University facilities for international students 2023

Teesside University facilities for international students.

Hello reader we  are talking about Teesside University and its  facilities for international students  in his blog post . An esteemed university that accepts students from all over the world is Teesside University. You will have access to a variety of amenities as an international student that are intended to support your academic and social success. The key amenities that Teesside University provides for international students are listed below:

Support for International Students

If you have any queries or concerns, the dedicated international student support team at Teesside University is here to assist you. The team consists of seasoned individuals with extensive understanding of both the university and the neighborhood. They can help you with housing needs, immigration applications, and general living tips in the UK. To assist you in meeting other international students and making new friends, the staff also plans social events and activities.

To assist you in adjusting to life at Teesside University, the international student support team also provides a number of services. They can assist you with setting up a mobile phone, a bank account, and a doctor’s registration. They can assist you in adjusting to life in the UK and offer advise on cultural differences.

What types of events and activities does the team that supports international students put on?

Throughout the course of the year, the international student support team plans a variety of occasions and activities, such as social, cultural, and welcome events. International students have the chance to network with locals and learn about the area at these activities. Visits to nearby sights, cultural festivals, and sporting events are a few of the most well-liked events.

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International students have a selection of housing alternatives at Teesside University. You have the option of living off-campus in a private rental or on campus in one of the contemporary and well-equipped homes. There are common rooms, laundry facilities, and round-the-clock security features in the on-campus housing. The institution also collaborates with local landlords to offer off-campus housing alternatives that are both safe and reasonably priced.

International students are very interested in the on-campus housing because of its accessible location and top-notch amenities. The institution has recently made significant investments in its housing, with many of the residences undergoing considerable renovations. With en-suite bathrooms and high-speed internet connection, the rooms are contemporary and well-appointed.

The off-campus housing alternatives are also well-liked by students from other countries. To offer safe and inexpensive housing options, the university collaborates with a number of local landlords. The university’s housing staff can assist you in locating suitable housing and offer guidance on the renting procedure.

IT and library facilities

Teesside University offers a cutting-edge library that is accessible around-the-clock and includes a wide variety of materials, including books, journals, and online databases. Additionally, the library contains a specialized IT space with a variety of computers, software, and printing and scanning equipment. Additionally, students have access to a number of IT labs located all across campus.
For international students, the library is a crucial tool because it gives them access to a wide variety of academic resources. The helpful and educated library staff is available at all times to assist you in finding the materials you require. The IT infrastructure is likewise first-rate, and the entire campus has high-speed internet access.

Facilities for Sports and Fitness

Students have access to a variety of sports and fitness facilities at Teesside University facilities. These consist of a gym, a pool, a sports arena, and outdoor athletic fields. The institution also provides a variety of sports groups and fitness classes, giving you the chance to stay active and socialize.

The athletic and fitness facilities play a significant role in university life at Teesside. They offer a terrific opportunity to mingle with other students as well as a great way to stay active and healthy. There are possibilities to participate both locally and nationally with the university’s well renowned sports teams.

Employer Services

The jobs center at Teesside University helps students during their time there and beyond by offering guidance and assistance. The service provides a variety of tools and programs to aid with skill development and career preparation. They also help you with job applications and interviews so you can get a job after graduation.
For overseas students, the careers service is a crucial tool because it can guide you through the UK job market. The experts can offer guidance on how to modify your resume for the UK market and can aid in your interview preparation. Throughout the year, they also host a variety of events and workshops that give you the chance to network with businesses and discover other career options.

FAQs About Teesside University Facilities for International Students

Can I use the IT and library resources outside of regular business hours?
Yes, you can study and work when it’s convenient for you because the library and IT facilities are open around-the-clock. A self-service area is available at all times, but the library is staffed during regular business hours. You can complete coursework and work on projects at any time because the IT laboratories are available twenty-four hours a day.

Do I have to pay to use the athletic and fitness centers?

A variety of membership packages are available at Teesside University facilities for the athletic and fitness centers. Various membership options are available, based on your demands and financial situation. The university also provides a pay-as-you-go option that lets you access the resources only when you need them. It’s also possible that some of the sports clubs and fitness sessions charge extra.
Can the jobs center aid in my job search after graduation?
Yes, the careers service can help you with job applications and interviews so you can find a job once you graduate. The group can assist you find possible employers and offer suggestions for job search tactics. Additionally, the university has a number of collaborations with regional businesses that provide you the chance to obtain experience at a job and network in your subject of interest.
How can I submit my application for on-campus housing?

Through the Teesside University facilities – Accommodation Service, you can request on-campus housing. The straightforward application procedure can be finished online. You will be required to submit some basic data, including your name, student ID number, and preferred housing options. Following that, a room will be assigned to you by the accommodation service based on your choices and space.


Teesside University Advance: International students who have successfully finished a degree at Teesside University and want to continue on to a postgraduate course are eligible for this grant. The scholarship offers a tuition cost reduction of 20%.

Alumni funding: International students who have finished their undergraduate studies at Teesside University and wish to continue on to a postgraduate program may apply for this funding. The award offers a £1,000 tuition fee discount.

For September 2023, Teesside University will award three British Council GREAT Scholarships to postgraduate applicants from Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The GREAT Scholarships 2023 program, which was introduced by the British Council and 49 UK universities, assists postgraduate students from different nations in accessing top-notch options for higher education in the UK.

Teesside University facilities

Global distinction Scholarship: Eligible international students may apply for this scholarship if they show academic distinction in their application. A £2,000 cost reduction is offered during the first year of study thanks to the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships: In collaboration with The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK, Teesside University facilities provides three full-tuition scholarships to applicants from specific Commonwealth nations. Candidates who would not otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK are targeted by these scholarships, which are awarded under six different themes.

The Chevening Scholarship is a one-year master’s degree program that offers full financial support to international students. It is provided by the UK government’s international awards program.

The qualifying requirements and application processes for each scholarship may differ, therefore it’s crucial to remember that interested students should visit the website or get in touch with Teesside University for additional information.

more details on the scholarships are here

International students can take advantage of a number of first-rate amenities at Teesside University. Your inquiries and concerns will be addressed by the university’s International Student Support team, and you can choose from a variety of up-to-date, fully furnished accommodations. Teesside University offers a variety of financial aid opportunities and scholarships to help overseas students succeed academically. These scholarships are intended to help students who might not otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK by offering them financial aid. Among the scholarships offered are those for exceptional academic achievement, underrepresented nations, disciplines, and alumni. For further information on eligibility requirements and application procedures for each scholarship, prospective candidates are invited to visit the Teesside University website or get in touch with the institution.

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